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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Landslide hazards in the aftermath of the Lushan earthquake in Sichuan

A number of Chinese media outlets have articles about the threats posed by landslides in the aftermath of the 20th May 2013 Lushan earthquake in Sichuan Province.  It is clear from the imagery (such as the image below) that landslides have represented a very significant component of the costs of this earthquake, although at present it is not clear just how many of the deaths were caused by mass movements.  The next major threat is the upcoming rainy season - just weeks away - which will inevitably cause a combination of further first time failures and debris flows of released materials. Ya'an, the County in which Lushan sits, is nicknamed "the city of rain".   

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Unrelated topic, but there's a very good photogallery of the Whidbey Island landslide here.

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Sorry, looks like I messed up the link. Here it is raw: