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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Whilst the focus of this blog over the last week has been the remarkable Hatfield Stainforth landslide (for info the lack of updates is because the flow of information from the site has now dried up), two other landslides in coal mines in Asia have claimed lives:

1. A mining-related landslide in Guizhou Province
At 11 am on Monday a large rockfall from a steep cliff that was being undermined by a small-scale coal mine in Longchang township, in Kaili city, Guihou Province, China buried five people, including two children.  Whilst the remains of the victims have not been recovered, it is now accepted that all of the victims were killed.  Interestingly, this landslide has been extensively covered in the media in China, which has released very high quality photos of the site.  The best gallery is in the online version of the UK newspaper of the Daily Mail.

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