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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

More images of the Hatfield Stainforth coal mine landslide

Over the last few days a number of people have very kindly provided images of aspects of the Hatfield Stainforth coal mine landslide near to Doncaster in northern England.  Before we get into that, a few people have asked about the nature of the mine - in this case the mine is an underground pit, with the coal and spoil being hoisted to the surface.  The landslide has occurred on a heap of spoil from the mine workings.
So, on to the images.  Let's start with a couple of the site before the landslide occurred. Darren Hedges has provided this image of the site before the landslide - this was taken in September 2012, so probably represents the site in its pre-landslide state rather well:

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