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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Watch this! Extraordinary landslide video - Maierato, Italy

See update post here

The BBC has an extraordinary video of a landslide in Maierato in Southern Italy. More later, but for now the link is here:

UPDATE: Youtube has a longer version of the video below:

See update post here


Anonymous said...

The town San Fratello on Sicily has been evacuated as well.,%202.000%20evacuati%20a%20San%20Fratello&idSezione=5842

There seem to be a few sites that mix up the two events.

Linus said...

I saw the landslide on TV and guessed you would put this on your blog. The link of BBC you listed said that the landslide occurred after 200 residences were excavated. I am very interested in how they operate the early warning process. They did a great job.

David Bressan said...

According to a geologist of the region Calabria the inactive landslide of Maierato showed signs of reactivation 10 days ago, so the streets were closed for security reasons.
Also the weather was very rainy in the last weeks, and the region is known known by the unfavourable geological situation (many marls and argillaceous deposits of the Miocene-Pliocene)

Anonymous said...

Where are the Railway Children when you need them? ;-)

kimberly said...
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