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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sichuan - what does a landslide look like in reality?

Understanding what a landslide is actually like is rather difficult when you can only see the deposit and the scar. Now, all landslides are of course different, but in the case of Sichuan we are dealing with some of the most rapid and dangerous ones. So, I thought it would be constructive to post the following Youtube video, which was taken in Malaysia in 1993. Click on it to view - I promise you won't be disappointed. It remains the very best landslide video that I have ever seen, despite the fairly poor resolution.

If you can't view it then click here.

This landslide is a little bit of an enigma. We know that it occurred in Malaysia on 21st October 1993. The poster describes it as having happened at Pantai (Beach) Remis. The voices that can be heard in the background are speaking Cantonese I think. As far as I can ascertain it occurred in an abandoned tin mine, clearly near the coast given that the sea rushes is at the end. Quite how the person recording it came to be able to get this clip is unknown. It very clearly allows one to understand the threat posed by landslides though.


Anonymous said...

Interesting video. I am a Malaysian but I have never seen the video before. My guess is the landslide area could be around N4.44174 E100.61742 That mining lake is by the sea.

Anonymous said...

I have just made a Wikipedia page about the landslide, at Have you found out anything more about the event? Has it been published in any journals or such like?

Anonymous said...

Got cut off. The wikipedia page title is 1993 Pantai Remis landslide

Anonymous said...

My wife tells me they are speaking Hokkien. Just the usual exclamations - "it's coming" and the like.

Anonymous said...

Amazing video, cannot imagine the sight when the Mediterranean was form as a result of the Atlantic Ocean breaking through the Gibratar land bridge eons ago. The Mediterranean is thought to have taken a hundred years to fill after the collasped. I believe something similar also happended between the Mediterranean and the Black sea. Someone should put together a geological documentary on this subject.

Daniel Garcia-Castellanos said...

This is the location:,100.605922&ll=4.421582,100.607171&spn=0.009231,0.013937&t=h&z=17